The fine morning of wednesday, 05th July 2017 brought a sense of UTOPIA in the minds of young learners. As for the guidelines by the CBSE. The school received officials from traffic police headquarters Jaipur for the awareness campaign/session. The duo of traffic sub. Inspector Mrs. Indira ji and constable Mr.Bhanwar Singh ji held interaction with the students. They told upon the present and forth coming rules of traffic police and also condemned the inattentive behaviour of learners and vehicle driver those who do not abide by the rules causing dystopia. Mrs. Indira talked at length about the mandatory, warning and informatory signs of road safety rules. She also put through light on the online process of getting driving license at R.T.O. Towards the end of session she answered the queries of student and told the students to take oath for the rules. At last our Respected Principal Ma’am Mrs. Aruna Suresh gave her vote of thanks.